Transition seeks to reduce the impact of climate change and diminishing world resources  through setting goals for energy reduction and local energy production.

The energy group wishes to help Clevedon become more self reliant. It wants to increase energy awareness and encourage everyone to take practical steps to reduce their energy use and share good ideas.

Clevedon is a town of only 22,000 people and yet it pays over £22 million a year for energy.  Our energy awareness leaflet (click here for pdf) is designed to help people switch to cheaper energy and to find ways to reduce their energy use.

There are lots of things we can do to reduce energy. For example here is a list of 10 top tips.

We want to go further and find ways to bring people together in Clevedon to look at energy use reduction. For example this practical approach used in Portobello & Leith in Scotland could be applied here.

If you would like to be involved in a local energy saving group, please email us using the Transition Clevedon email, or phone Peter on 01275 544103.