Wassailing Saturday January 18th 3-4pm

We’re all very much looking forward to our annual wassailing celebrations on Saturday 18th January, 3pm, at the community orchard just off Brookfield Walk and Kelting Grove.

IMG_6602 IMG_6590 IMG_6591

As the orchard will be very muddy following the recent rain, we sadly made the decision not to have Morris Dancers this year as it will be too slippery for them to dance – but it will still be a great community event, so get out your wellies, saucepans and something to bang them with and join in the fun!

Wassailing is the custom of waking the apple trees from their winter sleep. Saucepans are banged, which was believed to ward off evil spirits, toast soaked in cider is put in the branches of the guardian tree and cider poured around its roots to encourage a good harvest. There will be the singing of the Wassailing song, apple cake and mulled cider/apple juice.

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