Clearer Footprints

If you’ve read some of my other blogs this year, you may have picked up that I was given a book called ‘How Bad are Bananas?’ which looks at the carbon footprint of a lot of varied things, from sending a text, to eating a banana, buying a TV, having a mortgage or drinking beer.

It cleared up a lot of questions for me, such as is it better to eat tomatoes grown in a heated greenhouse in the UK  or transported all the way here from Spain. But it made me rethink other issues including the thought that a British apple kept in a cold store till April would have a larger footprint than one shipped from New Zealand. Then about two weeks ago I was having a drink and a packet of crisps while waiting for a bus in Bristol, when I saw on the packet the carbon footprint of the crisps which had been worked out by Walkers and the Carbon Trust. And it got me thinking it how much easier it would be if all food packaging had an approximate carbon footprint of the product, and then people could make their own informed decisions on what they chose to buy – or not.

And then the campaigning group Avaaz sent an email encouraging people to start their own petitions – the timing was serendipitous and I was off! I spent the evening happily planning my trip to London to deliver the petition to the Minister for the Environment …

Why stop at food? Every product should have it carbon footprint clearly marked. I went to bed happy that I was doing my bit to save the world, woke up the next morning and rushed to see how many people had signed. A grand total of 2. I think a few more have swelled the numbers now, but I might have to postpone my trip to London for the time being. I just need a few more people to sign it, post it on their Facebook sites, tweet and email it to others, and then maybe I’ll save the world after all…   and the important hyperlink is

Thank you.

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