Robbie Burns and Transition

Yesterday we held our annual visioning/planning meeting, and finished the day with a calendar of events for the coming year based on what we felt was going well and also focussing on things we’d really like to do in the next 12 months or so. We’re going to follow this up by sending an electronic survey round to everyone on our mailing list to see if we’re on the right lines and to gather other views.

We asked people from outside the core group to join us and contribute with their ideas and enthusiasms – as well as to give a more objective view of how we were doing. We started with a ‘transition’ story :

Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad…

Things people felt were going well focussed very much on the social benefits, new friendships, green drinks, barn dances etc, cake, wassailing – as well as the orchard, organised talks and AGMs, giving talks to other groups, the farmers’ market, campaigns/challenges, increasing awareness of issues, links with councils.

Things people wanted to do differently included: a need to improve publicity on many levels(this was the major theme emerging); improve links/networks with other organisations including schools; how the core group functions; how subgroups work; giving the market stall a new lease of life with activities; vary the night for green drinks; hold more talks/films etc; work more closely with councils

As a result of the two discussions, we felt we wanted to focus on the following in 2013:

  • Having a PR group
  • Using social media
  • Having monthly young/older green champions → annual champion
  • Giving more talks to groups
  • Holding more talks/films
  • Displays in library/bookshop linked to national events
  • Green Open Doors
  • Light bulb recycling through shops
  • Working with NSC
  • Local energy generation

We then drew up the annual plan, with different social events each month such as green drinks, the November barn dance, and wassailing; a diary of talks; themed events linked to national or international occasions such as earth hour; and other activities relevant to the seasons.  Other than green drinks in February, one event to look out for is a talk by Climate Change Historian, Marcus Badger from the University of Bristol, who will be looking at climate change with a longer term perspective: March 12th at 7.30 in the Clevedon Town Council Offices. Cake as always! Suggested donation of £3 to cover costs.

Oh yes, and why Robbie Burns? As our meeting followed Burns night, our host donned his kilt and read various extracts from Burns’ poetry, reflecting that many of his poems and themes are as relevant today (and to Transition) as they ever were, not least women’s rights, fearing the future compared with being wholly in the present, the simple but good things in life and food! Here’s to 2013…


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