One question for climate change sceptics…

I’ve recently been sent a clipping from the Independent on Sunday (13 Jan 2013) – a double page spread showing a map of the world and highlighting what they call the craziest weather on earth over the last 12 months, and wondering whether we are now experiencing the greatest period of climatic extremes in recorded history. Interesting to have a summary of the last year in one place.

IMG_6607 Apologies for the bad photo!

Examples include the hottest year on record for the US with every one of the 48 contiguous states reaching above average temperatures, and 19 breaking records; the wettest autumn in the UK for 224 years; sea ice in the Arctic reaching the lowest seasonal minimum since records began; record temperatures in Australia – as well as extreme flooding; severe droughts in Brazil leading to disputes over water and resulting deaths averaging one a day; 10 million people in North Africa face food shortages because of droughts;  grapefruit sized hailstones falling in Hawaii…

So, my question for climate change sceptics is: how do you explain all these changes in climate and extreme unpredictable weather, if it isn’t climate change?

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