Happy New Year with all those 2013 transition resolutions…

I’ve just been talking with Sally, my good friend and neighbour: between us three years ago we decided to set up Transition Clevedon. We were wondering what 2013 holds for the organisation and what we’d like to achieve; what’s worked so far – and what hasn’t; and most importantly for us, whether we’ve strayed a little from the core purpose of the transition movement in not being focussed enough on climate change, peak oil and making Clevedon more resilient for the future. We’re both very passionate about those issues and feel that we need to refocus in the coming year.

On my side, some of this renewed emphasis has come from reading ‘Prosperity without Growth’ and ‘How Bad are Bananas?’. But then, all the time we’re coming across books, films, websites, TV and radio programmes, talks etc that we feel we could be talking about but never quite get round to blogging about. SO we’ve decided that we’ll be more disciplined this year, blog more often and encourage you all to send us your own contributions to publish. When we blog regularly (eg during my local food challenge in 2010) we do get lots of visitors to the site and increased interest in the group so we’re hoping to generate more energy and enthusiasm (and keep us focussed on what matters).

With all good wishes  for your own new year resolutions…. and looking forward to seeing many of you at wassailing on 12th January.





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