The Agony and the Ecstasy

Today has been the type of day that all gardeners will recognise. I’ve been away for a few days and was keen to take my breakfast cuppa out into the garden to see how everything was getting on.

All seemed well, the onions looked great, all the beans are thriving despite endless high winds, I’d only lost two cabbage plants to the slugs and snails and all the fruit is coming along nicely. So I went back into the house full of the joys of whatever season we’re having at the moment.

A little later I went to the compost bin which is next to the large tub where, when I left, there had been a group of two inch, perfect fluffy carrot tops emerging.  Now all that is left is a mound of scraped up earth. I generally like cats, but not today.  Yes, I know I should have netted them but, well… So I returned to the house hopping mad and suggested to Will that we start looking for a flat somewhere!

Well this is a Transition blog and as you know we always look on the bright side. That, later in the day, was a dish of broad beans, freshly picked, small, green and succulent.

So we’ve cancelled the estate agent and remembered that growing your own really is just the best!



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