Wassailing at the Community Orchard – Saturday 14th January 2012

Happy New Year everyone

As mentioned before Christmas, we are having a Wassailing event at the Community Orchard at 3pm on Saturday 14th January.

We have had Apple Blossom Viewing in the spring, Apple Picking in the autumn, and various working days throughout the year. Now the dark days of winter are here so it’s time for the Old English cheer of Wassiling.

Wassailing is the custom of waking the apple trees from their winter sleep. Saucepans are banged, which was believed to ward off evil spirits, toast soaked in cider is put in the branches of the guardian tree and cider poured around its roots. There will be music, the singing of the Wassailing song and refreshments. So get out your wellies, saucepans and something to bang them with and go and join in the fun.

As an extra winter warmer we have 50 sample packs of Dorset Cereals gingerbread porridge to give away.

The orchard is off Brookfield Walk which is off Northern Way. As you enter Brookfield Walk you will see a field ahead of you. Walk diagonally, to the right, across this and the adjoining field and you will come to the orchard at the end behind the hedge.  The orchard will be sign posted from the field entrance on Brookfield Walk.

Afterwards we will be retiring to the Old Inn for the regular Green Drinks get-together.  For January this is in place of the usual 3rd Tuesday of the month Green Drinks, so please don’t turn up for Green Drinks on the Tuesday as we won’t be there!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Community Orchard.

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