20’s Plenty for Clevedon?

Already 7 million UK residents live in towns which are adopting or have adopted a 20mph policy.  Should Clevedon follow suit?

It is claimed that a 20mph speed limit enables people to interact considerately and safely in the streets, whether driving, walking or cycling and that reducing the speed limit to 20mph would give many benefits:

  • a better  local environment
  • a better quality of life
  • giving children a free range of a few miles rather than a few yards
  • enabling the community to thrive
  • reducing road dangers
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • helping people to walk and cycle, and hence to shop and work locally

Practically “Total 20” would be for the whole of Clevedon.  On entering the town from any of the six linking roads people would know to keep within 20mph within the whole area.

What about the “ring road?”

Clevedon’s ring road of Southern, Central and Northern Way separates people from shops and schools.  Many people live “outside” the ring road.  Many people, particularly parents and children, cross the ring road on foot.  Severe injuries and casualties have occurred on it.

Driving the entire road at 20mph would take just 1.8 minutes longer, at most, than at 30mph.

With a 20mph limit, at peak times the traffic would flow more smoothly. 20mph on the ring road would make it easy and cheap to maintain 20mph in the whole of Clevedon.

Is 20mph on the ring road the key to a safer, better, and quieter Clevedon?

Read more at www.clevedon.20splentyforus.org.uk

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