News about sustainable transport in Clevedon

Members of the Transport Committee had a successful meeting with staff from North Somerset Council at Castlewood on 27 September. Various aspects regarding transport in and around Clevedon were discussed and how we could be of help to each other.

Clevedon – Weston Link

John Grimshaw, formally of Sustrans, was appointed on 12 Oct to act as a negotiator with land owners and the council regarding access across the Tutshill sluices. John has tremendous experience on negotiations which is good news. It is intended that the link will be a permissive path for cyclists and walkers. John is pressing ahead and has already informally met with some of the land owners. A meeting regarding the Weston-Clevedon link is being arranged for 26 January at St. Andrew’s Church Centre and it is intended that John will attend to update every one of the situation. A high attendance would also indicate support for the scheme and help in the push for completion.
Transition Clevedon is also producing a website for the link.
More information regarding the meeting in January will appear on this website in the near future.

Paths – Clevedon

This was another item discussed with members of North Somerset Council with a view to highlighting to the residents of Clevedon the extent of the path network in Clevedon, particularly among the estates either side of the ring road. There needs to be work done to the paths to improve signage and also provision of some dropped kerbs etc. It is hoped that money will also be available for producing a map for the residents. Transition is presenting to the Transport and Highways Committee of Clevedon Town Council on 16 November at 7.30 to bring the matter to their attention and to ask for support and possible finance. The pathways are an underused facility and for minimal cost there would be major benefits such as reduced traffic flow, safety, fitness, freedom for children, convenience, smaller carbon footprint, less pollution etc.

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