Community Orchard apple harvest

This weekend is the Community Orchard apple harvest. We will be there on Sunday 23rd October from 10am until 4pm. For many families this is the beginning of half-term, so what better way to start it than to get out of the house and learn about orchards and apple picking.

Please bring any clean buckets or containers, and if you have one, a wheel barrow. If you haven’t been to the orchard before, the orchard is off Brookfield Walk which is off Northern Way. As you enter Brookfield Walk you will see a field ahead of you. Walk diagonally, to the right, across this and the adjoining field and you will come to the orchard at the end behind the hedge. Trousers and boots or trainers are advisable! This year we have decided to sell the apples to a cider producer in Tickenham, to raise funds to reinvest into the orchard. In future years we hope to produce our own cider.

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