News from our Transport Group

Eric Holdsworth reports from the Transport Group

Clevedon to Weston Link

Finally, after many years, progress appears to be being made on the Clevedon to Weston walking/cycling link which links roads between Wick St. Lawrence and Kingston Seymour via the Tutshill Sluice.

Negotiations are on-going with landowners and there is some funding for the scheme.  It is hoped to progress legal aspects of the work this year with construction of the link starting next year with a view to completion by the end of 2012.  This timescale would hopefully attract funding from Sustrans. 

Paths in Clevedon

There are many good paths within Clevedon which were built when the estates around the ring roads were built.  They are of a high specification being tarmacked, well lit and 9 feet wide (2.77 metres).  Some are designated as dual use both for pedestrians and cyclists.  Not many people know of their full extent, so Transition Clevedon would like to high-light the existence of these paths to the general public.  We would like to work with the local and North Somerset Councils and also other local groups to produce a clear map, improve signage and highlight the health benefits of walking and cycling. 

20’s Plenty for Clevedon

There is a national campaign to reduce the speed limit in built up areas to 20 mph.  Is this something that Clevedon should have?  There are considerable benefits both to health and the environment of such a step but would the residents of Clevedon agree to it?  Should a 20 mph speed limit apply across the whole town or just to certain areas?

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