Putting Down Roots

Today’s blog is inspired by the contents of my veg box  – I’m not sure why Carl (from the Veg Box) apologised for the contents this week. The first box of autumn roots is always a pleasure, even the third or fourth box, it’s just the seemingly endless supply of roots by March that causes the problems… So I was more than happy with my box this week and looked round for something different to do with the carrots etc.

I came across a recipe for savoury cheese pudding:

Pour a little milk on breadcrumbs, mixing in grated cheese, beetroot and carrot, melted butter and egg yolks, before folding in chopped parsley and whisked egg whites, and putting the lot into a buttered dish and baking for 20 mins.

It was great! And has inspired me to be more inventive with my roots through the coming winter…  I would imagine it tastes fantastic with a glass of chilled white wine and a crisp green salad or squeaky French beans. If anyone wants precise measurements etc, let me know. And on the subject of putting down roots, it reminded me that I’ve now lived in Clevedon for four years – longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my adult life, having moved 10 times in twenty years. I think it takes time to feel part of the community, and joining something like Transition Clevedon has helped hugely. Even undertaking this challenge and eating only local food, has brought benefits: shopping in supermarkets week in and week out is an anonymous experience: shopping locally and swapping produce with friends and neighbours is hugely more sociable and enjoyable. OK, not that easy if you’re working, but worth the effort 100 fold.

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