Super Veg

Walking through Castle Park in Bristol today, I was drawn towards a panel put up by Bristol City Council extolling the virtues of growing vegetables, fruit and herbs for their attractive display value as well as for food. And behind the sign was an area of ‘bedding’  made from two kinds of kale, bulls blood beetroot, parsley, sweetcorn, chard and painted lady runner beans. Standing in admiration too long I nearly got mowed down by commuting cyclists, but was particularly pleased that already this month I’ve seen two very creative displays of colourful veg, reminding me of Joy Larkom’s inspiring book, Creative Vegetable Gardening. Next year’s resolution is already to encourage the veg to expand out of the traditional restricting veg patch and to make a stake amongst the roses and peonies. 

Other than the now predictable cheese (and basil) sandwich + plums for my lunch, little else happened of note until I got home when I had the contents of my lovely veg box from the Veg Box to unpack (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, sweetcorn, the first parsnips of the autumn, cauliflower, chard and a squash) AND my Somerset Direct box too (4 x 1.5kg packets of spelt flour, cob nuts, cider vinegar and chillies). Without such a wide range of carbohydrates available, I find I’m eating more bread than normal.

Then I started cooking- chicken pie, with piles of chard and mash (made from mixed potatoes and turnips) -my first attempt at spelt pastry, which I was reasonably happy with. Dad had kindly made some more bread for me, and a friend emailed offering some veg and fruit from her garden: the human contact and kindness being altogether much more satisfying and enjoyable than anonymous supermarket shopping.

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