Food for Free

Getting into the swing of the 50 mile meal challenge now- I hope! I’ve kicked caffeine and realised that the secret to success in ‘eating Somerset’ is going to be good planning. With the best choice of local foods being at Farmers’ Markets or small local retailers, it’s proving important to plan ahead so as not to forget vital ingredients or only remembering at 9 o’clock at night there’s no bread for breakfast…

Highlights of today included visiting Jacklands trout farm between Tickenham and Nailsea- I think they’ll be my only chance of fish for the next month, despite living half a mile from the sea. Not only did they have fresh trout, but also hot and cold smoked, and I was really pleased to see they were selling their own tomatoes and eggs as well, enabling me to buy the prettiest box of eggs I’ve ever seen.

Returning home, we then walked along the river near Strode Road and picked nearly 4lbs of blackberries-perfect for an apple crumble tomorrow- as well as a few elderberries. The majority of the blackberries will be frozen to make jelly later in the month. Marrow stuffed with Failand organic beef mince and local tomatoes flavoured with garden herbs and garlic cooked gently in the oven alongside more spelt bread and roasting beetroot.


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