What a weekend!

In fact we should say what a week!

Last Tuesday about thirty of us met for Green Drinks at The Salthouse. Green Drinks are going to be a great opportunity to socialise together and as the evening wore on the schemes became more and more ambitious! There was a real energy to the evening. We were planning to only have Green Drinks in the months when we don’t have a more organised meeting, but maybe we should hold it more often, what do you think?

Farmers’ Market

This was a good opportunity to meet new people, and those who are already with us who like to drop in for a chat. The theme was to publisise Ruth’s Fifty Mile Food Challenge. Ruth is planning to only consume food and drink from a fifty mile radius (eg no coffee, no tea, no chocolate and nothing produced using sugar or wheat). What a challenge! There will be more about this when Ruth starts blogging here this week. It was gratifying to see how many people had read the article about it in the North Somerset Times and she should be on Radio Bristol this week.

The Farmers’ Market only sells food grown and produced within thirty miles so it’s an excellent opportunity for Ruth to stock up and for us to Shop Local, as is the Country Market which is held at the Scout Hut each Friday.

Flower Show

So from the Farmers’ Market we then dashed down to the Salthouse Fields for the Flower Show. This also proved to be great place to meet people and to get Transition known. Because Transition is all about thinking  positively, the display not only featured the items which will become luxuries when as the price of oil increases, we also gave examples of the wealth of local and seasonal produce which is available.

We have noticed a lot of serendipity about the setting up of our Transition Group and it featured again at the flower show when our stand was next door to the Allotments Association who this year decided to feature Food Miles. Neat!

But the best thing about the weekend, I think, was seeing the relief on peoples faces when they realise that they are not alone. There are a lot of us in Clevedon who have the same concerns about Peak Oil and Climate Change and who have got together to see what positive things we can do to create a more resiliant community.

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