Transition Clevedon Follow-up Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd June we had a meeting for all those who were interested in learning more about Transition Clevedon and any ideas we could develop that came from our Open Space Meeting on the 8th June.

This time we met at The Salthouse and enjoyed a highly productive and sociable evening. Four sub-groups were formed, prioritising the ideas generated on 8th June. They will look at Transport, Reskilling, Recycling and Food.

Immediate areas which will be looked at by each group are:

Transport – Clarifying the cycle paths in Clevedon and looking at cycle routes to connect Clevedon with the Strawberry Line. The group will consult with Clevedon Town Council, North Somerset Council and Sustrans.

Reskilling – A Bramble Walk will be organized and a series of training days will be worked out to cover such skills as baking and preserving. The group will look for skills within Transition Clevedon, in the WI and also talk to the U3A.

Food – This group is going to look into a garden share scheme and has a longer term aim of creating a Community Garden. This group will work with Sallie Parsons and her Blue Sky Garden Project, with Clevedon Town Council and North Somerset Council, with community groups involved as the projects evolve.

Re-cycling – The aim of this group is to be local champions of re-cycling and also to look into a type of ‘Freecycle’ scheme for Clevedon. They will contact North Somerset Council.

It was felt that another film evening about the Transition Movement would be helpful and we hope to set that up for early August.

Please let us know if you would like to get involved with any of these projects. You can contact us via our email:

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