Transition Clevedon Open Meeting

We had our first open meeting at Clevedon Town Council Offices on June 8th 2010.

During the first half of the meeting we showed the film The Power of Community which, having explained the challenge of Peak Oil, showed the community response by the Cuban people when faced with the oil embargo of the 1990s.

There was then a break for refreshments during which everyone was encouraged to consider the question ‘How do we take positive steps to become less dependent on outside resources and to meet more of our needs locally?’

Ideas were put onto post-it notes and these created the six categories for further discussion during the Open Space Meeting that followed. The categories were:

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Recycling
  • Skills
  • What Next?

The full results of the discussion can read in the Open Space Meeting 8 June 2010.

There will be a follow-up meeting on June 22nd at 7.30pm at the Salthouse Hotel.

If the follow-up is as stimulating as the first meeting it will not be one to miss, and out of it we hope people will come forward who want to be active members of Transition Clevedon.

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